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Environmental Issues.
It Is The Only Planet We Have.

We logically take good care of our city or community.  We expect our national government to take good care of our country when it comes to transportation and the environment.  Recently the proposed pipeline that was going to pump toxic crude oil petroleum mined in Alberta, Canada, to the gulf ports of Houston and New Orleans.  It was going to pass through America’s heartland, and had the backing of the Koch brothers. It was finally defeated earlier in 2015.  That is environmental protection.  Activists had a lot to do with making citizens and legislators aware that it had the potential of creating multiple environmental spills and disasters.  Thus, it was not worth the risk.

What else is out there that the American people need to know about in regards to our national and state governments protecting our environment?  Is there good oversight?  Do coal steam plants pollute the air?  Does the oil and gas drilling using the fracking method pollute the ground water and cause earthquakes? (Ask Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and New York.)

As democrats at the local Jefferson County, Tennessee, level should we have an active role in raising awareness about environmental issues?


Our country has been growing for more than 200 years.  At the end of World War II we had about 150 million people living in the USA.  Now, we have about 300 million people.  It has doubled in the last 70 years.  Is there a people problem or an infrastructure problem, or both?

Do we have adequate highways and interstates?  Do we have safe bridges on those interstates and highways?  Is money being spent to keep them in good repair?

Are the airports, airlines, and railroads adequate?  Are they safe?

What about the controversy over immigration?  We used to proudly say we are the “melting pot” of the world.  The Statue of Liberty stands as a symbol of the concept that America invites people to our country to start new lives, new families, and to prosper.  What happened to that social goodness, the Melting Pot, that was so acceptable it was taught in our elementary schools?  Now there seems to be anger at people who are not native born Americans.

What could we do at our local Jefferson County, Tennessee, level to turn that attitude around?